HOW TO create a website in singapore in just 4 steps

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HOW TO create a website IN SINGAPORE in just 4 steps

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So you want to know how to create your own website in Singapore. Well, you came to the right place. We specialize in creating websites here in Singapore. Before we start on how to create your own website, you first need to know the purpose of your website.

Are you creating your website to sell your products or services? Or are you creating your website to showcase your portfolio. Whatever your reason is for creating a website, it has to be clear.

step 1: finding the right web domain and web hosting

What is a website domain? It’s your website’s URL. It’s what people type to search for your business. Best case scenario, you get a website domain that is your business name. For example, our website and brand is

However, if you are unable to get the website domain that you want, here are some tips:

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you are based in Singapore considering you searched up ‘How to Create A Website In Singapore’. So if you are unable to get a website domain with a .com, use .sg instead!

Never, ever use ‘-‘ or numbers for your website domain. It just makes your website look unprofessional. Instead, add in a ‘store’. For example, instead of ‘cross-tech’ or ‘crosstech1’, try ‘crosstechstore’ instead.

Make it easy to read so that those who visit your website will remember it.

Now that you have the perfect domain for your website, you are probably wondering where you can purchase your website domain from, right? There are countless websites that you can purchase your website domain from. However, before we go to how and where should you purchase your website domain from, let’s talk about web hosting first.

Your website needs a host and well you can either have your own host which can be costly or you can just share a host for your website. Don’t worry, it is safe. You will have to pay a monthly fee for your website hosting.

Now, some website hosting companies actually offer a free website domain if you decide to use them to host your website. 

There are many companies that offer web hosting but which is the best? Well, that is subjective. However, we do recommend or Not only do they offer a free website domain when you host your website with them, they also offer a free professional email account. They also ensure that your website is safe and secure from malware attacks.

step 2: finding the platform to create your website

Now that you have your website domain and website host, it’s time to decide which platform you would like to create your website on.

Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix and WordPress are just some examples that you can use to create your website. So many choices right? You might be wondering which platform to use. Well, it depends. 

It depends on what kind of website you want. Do you want a template website or a custom website? 

For example, if you want to create an e-commerce website, you might want to use Shopify or WordPress as those platforms come with features that are optimized for e-commerce.

If you require a website to showcase your portfolio however, you might want to use SquareSpace or Wix to create your website. 

Finding the right platform to create your website also depends on your budget. Some platforms such as Shopify have a monthly fee that you would have to pay to keep your website running.

If you are unsure which platform to create your website on, I would recommend WordPress. WordPress uses a ‘drag and drop’ method to create your website. However, it still gives you more than enough freedom to fully customize your website. In addition, WordPress has thousands of website templates that you can choose from and use those websites to create your website. WordPress also has many free and paid plugins that allow you to fully customize your website to your liking.

step 3: planning

Before you jump into creating your website, you have to first plan out the details of your website.

here are some questions that you can ask yourself while planning

How many pages does my website need?

What is the Call-To-Action (CTA) for my website?

What are the colours that I want my website to have?

What are the fonts that I will be using for my website?

What is the purpose of my website?

s it important to plan out your website? Definitely! You can’t just jump in and start dragging and dropping whatever you find nice onto your website. It has to have a sequence that will direct your visitor into doing whatever your CTA is. 

For example, if you are creating an ecommerce website for your online business here in Singapore, you need to have basic pages such as home page, product page and shipping and policy page to name a few. In addition, your CTA will be for your visitors to purchase your product thus, your website needs to have an easy checkout process. Your website colors need to match your brand and you should typically have a maximum of three colors only. And also, please use a font that is readable… Your visitors will thank you for that.

step 4: let your creative mind flow

It’s finally time to create your website! Take it slowly. Don’t rush everything. Keep this in mind: Your website is like your 24/7 salesman. Try and make your website informational, exciting and easy to navigate. 

Since I am generous (hah), here are some rules that you should stick by to ensure that your website is effective:

When it comes to web design and creating your own website, people tend to go overboard and start adding in all the cool features and colors. Don’t. It will just make your website ugly and ineffective. Instead, keep it simple.

Your website users don’t come to your website to admire your web design. They are there to purchase. Make it easy for them to do so.

Be consistent with your website colors, fonts and image style. A very simple way to build trust with your website visitors is to maintain consistent design elements across your website.

Keep your headings and footer the same throughout your website. This will prevent your website visitors from thinking that they’ve opened a whole new website when going from one page to another.

There is no point in your website being beautifully designed if it is not functional. When creating your website, you should always keep the user in mind and cater to their needs.

Some things to keep in mind for easy website navigation are logical page layout and clickable buttons. Ensure that your buttons are large enough and they stand out so that your website visitors will click it. 

Your website should also be mobile optimized as most of your website visitors will be using their phones.

That is my 4 simple step to create your very own website. You might not be satisfied with your website the first time round and that is ok! Just keep trying and learning. 

Remember to ask for opinions from others such as your family and friends. 

All the best! And remember, keep trying. Take care!